‘Growing Our Own” to air on Mississippi Public Broadcasting!

We’re SUPER STOKED to announce that our short documentary “Growing Our Own” will be airing on Mississippi Public Broadcasting May 30th at 8:30pm! Set your DVRs!  

Great article on Growing Our Own in the Daily Mississippian today!

Check it out!      

Terry Gilliam’s 1968 ‘Storytime’ now on Vimeo!

Terry Gilliam went on to direct such great films as “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” “Brazil” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” (to name just a few), but he began his career primarily as an animator. Before moving to England he was a strip cartoonist on Help! magazine, and then after making his trip across the pond one of […]

“The Art of Steadicam” from Refocused Media

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Refocused Media has put together an homage video to the 50 “best” shots made possible since the Steadicam was invented by Garrett Brown in the early 1970’s, based on the database compiled at It’s a fun video, and makes you realize how much more is possible with the invention of the Steadicam. The Art of Steadicam from Refocused Media […]

Film-versus-digital documentary ‘Side by Side’ now streaming on Netflix..

If you’re even a little interested in the debate about the respective merits of film and digital cinematography, you should take a look at Christopher Kenneally and Keanu Reeves’s 2012 documentary Side by Side on Netflix this weekend. The movie saw a limited theatrical release last year, and is already out on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video, but now there’s […]