Stanley Kubrick Behind the Scenes of Full Metal Jacket

Stanley Kubrick Behind the Scenes of Full Metal Jacket! Vivian Kubrick shot a reported 18 hours of footage while on the set of her father’s Vietnam War film Full Metal Jacket. Though Ms. Kubrick eventually abandoned her documentary project, bits and bobs of the footage surfaced in comprehensive collections such as Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures. A condensed […]

Singing River Health System TV Campaign wins Maggie Awards!

The Gibbes Company, show off the Maggie and Award of Excellence honors Singing River Health System was awarded during the 26th Annual Maggie Awards.   From left, Denton Gibbes, President of The Gibbes Company, Lindsay Mott, Marketing, The Gibbes Company; and Jennifer French, Marketing, T For Release                           […]

JUST WRAPPED! Secretary of State’s Voter ID TV Campaign

12/03/13 *JUST WRAPPED!* Voter I.D. is the law now. And we had a BLAST producing these public service announcements for the Secretary of State’s Office, along with The Cirlot Agency, to help clear the air on explain what exactly one needs to get your Voter I.D. card! Hint: It’s a whole lot easier than most people think. Secretary of State’s […]

Shooting Aerials for The Gibbes Co. & MDOT!

Just wrapped a week long shoot for The Gibbes Company and the Dept. Of Transportation for a documentary on the importance of airports in the state.. Post production to comense soon! Productions stills!  We love em!


    Hot out of the Avid! MSO’s BRAVO II!     See also: 1st of seven spots we’ll be producing over the next 6 months! Mississippi Symphony Orchestra 2013/14 TV Campaign: “Bravo I: Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto” Starring, as always, the Incomparable Crafton Beck! Check out the Bloopers! Animation by TRiNiTiFX. We always have allot of fun making these!   SELBY AND RICHARD […]