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Take a Look at How the Special Effects in Game of Thrones Were Done

You may have heard that Game of Thrones episode Valar Morghulis won an Emmy for best special effects, done by Pixomondo. Ever wondered how they were done? The CGBro has posted a video featuring swipes at how Pixomondo built the world of the Seven Kingdoms, and how they made it seem so believable. And, of course, the dragons. Everyone wants […]

The Mississippi Development Authority – Still helping folks recover from Hurricane Katrina….

Here’s a series of spots we’ve done over the years for the fine folks at the Mississippi Development Authority. Still helping Mississippians recover from Hurricane Katrina…

Legos and Stanley Kubrick

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YouTube user XXxOPRIMExXX has been uploading an homage to Stanley Kubrick’s brilliant film “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb” that involves stop motion animation of Lego mini-figs on Lego built sets. The results are a little weird, and quite fun.   via BoingBoing

Watching the sun come up…

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This morning we were up early scouting some locations for the next MSO spot. Here Tom stands in the light of the rising sun in front of the Jackson Convention center… Looking pretty epic!

Share of the day: Randy King’s DP reel..

Do you know DP Randy King? We’ve worked with Randy for 15 years. A great friend and filmmaker who has a true unquenchable passion for filmmaking. We thought we’d share his latest demo reel with you. RDK Demo Reel Winter 2012 from Randy King on Vimeo.

Opening Doors to the Mississippi Delta

“Opening Doors to the Mississippi Delta” being shown tonight at 2012 Champions of Justice Dinner in Jackson, MS.

Spot On is honored that The Mississippi Center for Justice will be showing our documentary “Opening Doors to the Mississippi Delta” tonight at the 2012 Champions of Justice Dinner at the Jackson Convention Complex at 7pm. Tonight the Mississippi Center for Justice will be honoring Myrlie Evers and Governor William F. Winter, two Mississippians who have dedicated their lives to […]

DIG MIAs ‘Bad Girls’ video shot on Arri Alexa!

REALLY Dig the video for MIAs ‘Bad Girls ‘ that won best cinematography at the MTV Music Video Awards. Shot on the Arri Alexa.

Just wrapped: C Spire Process Training Videos

We just wrapped up post production on some employee training videos we produced for C Spire Wireless. Check me’ out! a  

The First Film Adaptation of “Frankenstein”

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This is kind of amazing, at least to me. Filmed by Edison Studios in 1910(!), I first first heard about this production when I was in the 4th or 5th grade. I was kind of big into classic horror films as a kid, and there was a book in my elementary school library that about horror movie history, and it […]

The Making Of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here...

Documentary Film about Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”

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This is a pretty amazing doc. Beautifully shot and edited. And, of course, the story is tragic and fantastic.